• Portrait image of Moe Khalaf, founder of Eau De Moe with a white orchid on the side


    Moe...driven by a passion for creativity, whether this be in the arts, in fragrances or in design, has set himself on a mission to bring you a perfume story envisioned by his own personal experiences. 

  • Eau De Moe text and emblem logo in shiny gold on a dark grey background

    The Logo

    The brand, Eau De Moe, was created to help share the interpretations of a fusion: "scent and art".  Many of the inspirations come from a life filled with wandering travels, different adventures and sparkling discoveries.

  • Pink roses in a mortar and hammer with essential oil bottles in background

    A tale to be told

    Every bottle from Eau de Moe is an invitation to be captivated and inspired by a unique fragrance from Moe’s life.  

    We hope you enjoy the scents.